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Navigate the Blood

Opera (2018)

NOISE Opera production

Music by Gareth Williams & Admiral Fallow

Libretto by Sian Evans

Directed by James Robert Carson

A collaboration between Gareth and Scottish indie-folk band Admiral Fallow, Navigate the Blood pushes the boundaries of opera in new creative directions. 


Navigate the Blood follows the story of Bob and Lena, a husband and wife running a small independent distillery in rural Scotland. Their son Liam disappeared in mysterious circumstances three years ago. Living and working with them is a young Polish woman named Agata. She wants to modernise the distillery by making gin as well as whisky. Into this situation comes Elijah, a young man with a strange, other worldly presence. Elijah looks and moves very like the lost boy...

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The opera is set in the world of whisky and gin manufacturing and toured distilleries across Scotland throughout November 2018. 

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Watch a preview of 'Where are you going?' from Navigate the Blood on BBC Radio Scotland's Classics Unwrapped on iPlayer

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