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Rubble 2022

a Scottish Opera production
Music by Gareth Williams/Libretto by Johnny McKnight
Directed by Roxanna Haines

Soprano/ Mezzo Soprano/ Tenor/ Chorus (25 - 30 singers between 18 and 25)
Piano/ 2 Percussion/ Accordion/ Violin/ Viola/ Cello/ Double Bass

"Fae this rubble, we finally dared to dream that the sins fae this hoose might finally be wiped clean"

A group of young people stand amongst the debris of Findenterran Farm, until recently a children’s care home for those abandoned and forgotten in a broken system. As they pick through the shattered fragments of their childhood, they speak of what really went on in that largely ignored property on the outskirts of town. Bold, moving and only too close to real life events, Rubble gives a voice to those who were ignored and overlooked by society while their youth was quietly stolen from them by those in unchecked power. And from the rubble, the healing can now begin...

“a powerful work that packs an emotional punch and deserves a wider audience”
Opera Now Magazine Oct 2022  ⭐⭐

“a powerful piece of work”
Vox Carnyx Classical Music Revew (31st July 2022)

“A shatteringly powerful piece”
ScotsGay Arts ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (2nd August 2022)

This response to a performance of the opera came from Aileen Nicol, Strategic Inspector (Children and Young People) at the Scottish Care Inspectorate:
‘The storytelling of the individual journeys of care experience and trauma felt authentic and human and vitally has hope running through the core. I came away feeling sad, glad, reflective, admiring, energised in my work and very moved by everything I saw and heard… Rubble is an outstanding experience and contribution.’

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