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Songs from the Last Page

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the Last Pages



Songs from the Last Page - released August 11, 2023

1. Song from the Last Page of How to Be Both

from How to Be Both by Ali Smith (Penguin Books)


2. Song from the Last Page of Lanark

from Lanark by Alasdair Gray (Canongate Publishing)

(With permission from the Estate of Alasdair Gray)


3. Song from the Last Page of The Pink House

from The Pink House (Reality, Reality) by Jackie Kay (Pan Macmillan)


4. Song from the Last Page of Treasure Island

from Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (Cassell)


5. Song from the Last Page of News of the Dead

from News of the Dead by James Robertson (Penguin Books)


6. Bà Bà Mo Leanabh

Words by Calum Mackinnon from Litir Chun an t-Saighdear Gun Ainm (CLÀR)


7. Song from the Last Page of Duck Feet

from Duck Feet by Eli Percy (Monstrous Regiment Publishing)


8. Song from the Last Page of Sonny and Me

from Sonny and Me by Ross Sayers (Cranachan Publishing)


9. Song from the Last Page of At the Loch of the Green Corrie

from At the Loch of the Green Corrie by Andrew Greig (Quercus Publishing)


10. Song from the Last Page of The Valley of Fear

from The Valley of Fear by Arthur Conan Doyle (Penguin Classics)


11. Song from near the Last Page of Peter Pan

from Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie (Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity)

All Tracks written & arranged by Gareth Williams, PRS/MCPS
except Bà Bà Mo Leanabh written by Deirdre Graham

Vocals, Backing Vocals, Piano - Gareth Williams
Vocals, Backing Vocals - Deirdre Graham (tracks 3 & 6)
Violin - Aisling O Dea
Cello - Justyna Jablonska

Photography & design by Kris Kesiak
Recorded & engineered at GloWormRecording by Keir Long
Mastered by Andrea Gobbi at Carrier Waves Mastering

Permission for text usage kindly granted from all estates and publishers. All rights reserved.

Album Sleeve Notes

These songs all have one thing in common - they begin on the final page of a book. And, all the books I chose for this collection also have something in common - when I read them, I didn't want them to end. So I took what I found in the final lines, with no words added and none taken out, and built verses, choruses, bridges, and refrains. Stories never stay on the page anyway - these ones just became songs.

In each song, we hold on to the moment that comes just before we close a book for the final time. Remain there in the melancholy, the awkwardness, in the joy or the chill, even in the silence. Some of these stories end with trauma or heartache, some end with the promise of another adventure, some end in solitude. One ends with a slushie. All of them have allowed me to celebrate Scottish people, places, writing, and language. And they have allowed me to explore the notion that nothing is ever truly over- you can find a new beginningat the end of any story if you sit at the piano for long enough.

Of course you will find outliers here. Every concept album must have them. Ali Smith's How to be Both has not one but two possible endings - the song will lead you down the path I took to one of those final pages. Deirdre Graham’s stunning contribution is a Gaelic song she gently pulled from a single page in the book Litir Chun an t-Saighdear Gun Ainm, drawing from a letter by Calum MacKinnon. And lastly, I’m afraid I fell for a sentence just a few pages from the end of Peter Pan. So, for now, we must settle for a Song from near the Last Page of Peter Pan.


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